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Lemongrass 30 ml. (1 oz )
Lemongrass 30 ml. (1 oz )

Lemongrass 30 ml. (1 oz )

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Aromatherapy Properties: Refreshing and rejuvenating. Stimulating and balancing. Its aroma inspires and brings fresh energy; clears the mind. Popular skin care ingredient for oily, mature and inflamed skin (in moderation). Also popular in Asian cuisine, and Lemongrass Essential Oil can replace dried Lemongrass in the kitchen, but use very sparingly because the oil is much more concentrated.

Suggested Use: Use a few drops in a diffuser to freshen the aroma climate of your home. Add very sparingly (dilute; measure drops separately) to dishes that you would otherwise prepare with the dried herb.

Use in low concentration only in skin care since some individuals may react sensitive.

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