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 Liquid Shea Butter (4 OZ)
Liquid Shea Butter (4 OZ)

Liquid Shea Butter (4 OZ)

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Liquid Shea Butter (4 OZ)
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No fragrances, fillers or chemicals added. 100% Pure Liquid Shea Butter. 100% Pure Liquid Shea Butter. Liquishea - What Is It? We do not call this oil 'Shea Oil' because I want everyone to realize exactly what this is. This is NOT an inferior oil pressed from what is left over after the butter has been removed from the Shea Nut. This is what I thought it was when I first used it. NOT TRUE! I learned from the manufacturer that 100% unrefined Shea Butter is used to make this product. Very high in unsaponifiables! Some of the Stearic Acid is removed from the butter to make the butter a liquid form. That is all that is done to it. Therefore, Liquishea is the exact same thing as Shea Butter only in a liquid state. Those who use this product will use nothing else for hot oil treatments, massages, hair treatments, and direct application to the skin. Being liquid, this oil penetrates quickly without stretching the skin. And, as always, NO CHEMICALS, NO PRESERVATIVES, and NO FILLERS. 100% NATURAL!

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