Body Oils

Have you ever tried body oils instead of perfume or cologne? There is a good reason for you to do so if you are concerned about using natural products on your skin. The traditional designer brand perfumes are comprised of concentrated oils and 75% to 85% alcohol, ethanol and or water.

Alcohol and ethanol make your perfume smell much stronger than it really is but it fades within a few hours and as your perfume (or the alcohol in it) evaporates, it not only takes your fragrance but your natural body oils with it, drying your skin as it goes. When you purchase perfume or cologne, you are mostly paying for the brand name, the alcohol used, and the fancy packaging. Body oils are pure, concentrated perfume oils in a cosmetic grade vegetable oil, they evaporate naturally giving your skin a softer, smoother feeling – plus they contain no alcohol, ethanol or water so many people who are allergic to perfumes and colognes can wear body oils with no problems.

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