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Sandalwood ( Amyris ) Haiti

Sandalwood Amyris grows wild on the Mountain slopes of Haiti. It is an evergreen with white flowers.The bark is the part of the plant which produces the resin which makes Sandalwood Amyris. Characteristics: Sandalwood Amyris is a substitute for East Indian Sandalwood. It possesses the same therapeutic properties of East Indian Sandalwood. It can be used in Aromatherapy as a substitute without the same expense and depletion of natural resources as East Indian Sandalwood. Sandalwood Amyris is an antiseptic, antiphlogistic, antispasmodic, aphrodisiac, exectorant, hypotensive and sedative. Sandalwood Amyris is used as a fixative in blends and helps bring out the notes of other essential oils.
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