You’ve been lied to!

Have you ever experienced "tummy troubles"?

You know, things like gas, bloating, and cramps...

Well, if so, there's a really good chance...

You’ve been lied to!

Now, before you get too angry, let me reassure you… no one lied to you on purpose.

But when it comes to digestion, just about everyone (even the experts) believes the same myth:

Digestion begins in the gut.

It’s an understandable mistake… after all, it’s where food goes once you eat it.

And when something bothers you… you get stomach pain…

So it makes complete sense for people to believe it’s the root of all digestion (and digestive problems).

But the truth is… digestion doesn’t begin in your gut at all...

It starts in your mouth.

Obviously, your teeth break down food to make it easier on your stomach. (Can you imagine how long digestion would take if you swallowed food whole?)

But the digestive process starts even before chewing…

Just the simple act of smelling and tasting your food signals your system to start making digestive juices — to keep things running smoothly.

So when you’re troubleshooting digestive problems… don’t start in the gut — start with your mouth!

More specifically… your oral microbiome.

Now, you already know about your gut microbiome — that’s the bacteria (good and bad) that live in your gut.

So you can probably guess that the oral microbiome is similar: it’s the bacteria that live in your mouth.

And honestly, the amount of bacteria in your mouth is astounding — because you can have:

Up to 1 billion bacteria — on each tooth!1

Now, just like your gut… some of those bacteria are “good guys” — they help keep your teeth and gums healthy, fight plaque, and keep your breath fresh...

They even kickstart digestion.

But the “bad guys” are a different story.

Honestly, they’re pretty scary… because not only do they reallymess with your oral health…

(They can cause chronic bad breath, painful gum problems, and tooth decay.)

Even worse… they can destroy your overall health too.

You see, when you eat food, drink water, or even SWALLOW, those bacteria make their way into your digestive system…

And they could lead to problems with your heart, blood sugar levels, as well as your immune system.

Plus — if you’ve ever had tummy troubles — that bad oralbacteria could easily be the cause…

So how can you balance your oral bacteria and keep your whole body healthy?

Well, the first step is always — ALWAYS — following your dentist’s advice, brushing, and flossing.

But you can also…
1. Eat whole fruits and veggies like carrots, apples, and celery. They’re rich in fiber, which helps ‘scrub’ your teeth.

Plus, eating crunchy fruits and veggies stimulates your gums, to keep them healthy.

2. Don’t brush right after eating. But wait — you want clean teeth, right?

Yes, but if you’ve eaten anything acidic, or salty, brushing could rub that food into your teeth and wear out your enamel.

Do your best to wait an hour or more between brushing and eating — longer, if possible.

3. Go ahead — have a slice of cheese. Studies have shown cheese helps regulate your oral PH and lowers your risk of tooth decay.2

Plus, it’s a high-calcium food, and calcium is one of the key building blocks of healthy teeth.

And there’s one other thing you can do to keep your oral microbiome in top shape…

Take a probiotic.

But here’s the thing: most probiotic supplements are NOT designed with oral health in mind…

Because when you swallow them, they bypass your mouth entirely, and the bacteria never have a chance to take hold.

Instead, you need to look for a chewable probiotic, like Orabiotics — one that contains S. salivarius, the best strain for oral health.

If you want to learn more about it, click here…

So the next time someone tells you “digestion starts in the gut,” feel free to set them straight. You’ve got science on YOUR side!

For your health,

Cary Nelson, MD
Director of Science & Nutrition
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